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New words from an overactive imagination. 


Thoughtful - Chapter 12

Persephone made her way past the chaos of fallen crew members, not entirely sure where she was going. All she knew was that she needed to find Lady, and to see that she was OK. After the upheaval she had experience in the past few days, Lady was the only constant in her life and right now she didn’t want to lose that...


Misfit's Book Club

Do you love your bookshelf like the Doctor loves his TARDIS? Then the Misfit's Book Club is for you. Hear me wax lyrical about my favourite books or get the shimmy on some fresh pages. 

This week we review The Trouble with Lichen.


Paper Renaissance

I first stumbled across Kelly Campbell Berry’s literary artworks quite by wonderful accident, having been looking for an image to accompany an article I was writing about bringing written characters to life. I had fallen down the proverbial internet rabbit hole and somehow ended up in the land of book sculpture…


Where my words collide with the printed page you will find these!


Thirteen Bones

Thirteen Bones has been described as being the exact opposite to a punch in the face. In fact it's downright enjoyable. 


Cafe La Morte

Damian hates his boss, he's just found out he has an inoperable brain tumour and he's about to meet the Devil when all he wanted was coffee and a sandwich.



Every monster has a story to tell.

New Works Coming Soon

With a mind that never stops, it's no surprise there's always more to come!


No MAn's LAnd

When Jack Volta wakes to find himself in the middle of a Zombie breakout of apocalyptic proportions there's only one place to go.... No Man's Land. 


Arthur Kill

Space mercenary, sometime hero, full-time scoundrel and space sub-pilot at your service and just in time to save the Universe, whatever that is...


Scarlette Diemond

Leader of the Switchblade Sweethearts, Scarlette often finds herself on the other side of the law, but a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do to get by.