Jo Jette is an author, artist and designer. Describing herself as a determined misfit, part-time outsider and total nerd, her love of mythology, pirates, rollerskating, zombies and science filters through everything she writes, while a warm sense of humour lights the way through her darker works.

Instantly labelled a nerd at school, in her formative years Jo dived head first into a world of tortured teenage angst, heavy metal and punk rock (“luckily it saved me from what would have been an unhappy and ill-fated life of normality” she says). Oh and she wrote some really bad poetry. Inevitably realising that poetry was perhaps not for her, and driven by an obsession with reading everything she could get her hands on, Jo started writing her own stories and tall tales.

Prior to focusing on writing her books, Jo enjoyed a prestigious career as both Editor and journalist, recognised nationally and internationally for her focus on underground, alternative and street art. In 2006, Jo became the Managing Editor of Desktop magazine, where she was responsible for modernising the magazine’s content as well as pioneering the magazine’s online & social media presence. Leaving Desktop in 2010, she then took on the Editorship of Wooden Toy, an internationally esteemed art & design magazine, where she stayed until the publication went on hiatus in 2012. Jo then founded her own 76-page digital art magazine, Nothing to Nobody, which ran for 3 years. Jo has written for world renowned magazines such as T-World and Very Nearly Almost. In 2013 Jo finally left the magazines behind to focus on writing her own books, though she still keeps her love of journalism alive through her blog.

Jo self-published her first novel, the pirate adventure Thirteen Bones, in 2015. This was followed by her second book Café La Morte, a story of love and redemption, in 2017. Jo has just finished writing her third book, the mythological fiction Set in Stone, and is now working on her fourth book, Thoughtful, a dystopian ode to the continual dumbing down of society.

The majority of Jo’s books feature strong female protagonists who rule their own destiny. Upcoming works include the 1920s speakeasy inspired drama, Scarlette Diemond, a wild space adventure about an intergalactic mercenary named Arthur Kill and the zombie apocalyptic adventures, No Man’s Land and Roller Girl Zombie Killer.

In her spare time (“really, what is that?” she asks) Jo runs The Read Me Project, a kindness project, which she created to share her love of books with the world. Jo also manages the Misfit’s Book Club, which poses book reviews and suggestions for her avid readers.

When she’s not working on the latest chapter in an awesome new adventure, Jo might be found roller-skating, and spending time with her husband, the skateboard photographer Josh Feggans, and their three cats -Frankenstein, Oswin & Arthur.