Cafe La Morte

Damian hates his boss, his doctor has just told him he's got an inoperable brain tumour, and he is about to meet the Devil when all he really wanted was coffee and a sandwich. You might say it's not his day... or it could be the best day of his life.

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Chapter 1 - Coffee strong enough to wake the dead

You know how when people say their boss is an idiot, it’s usually just because their manager or employer has done something recently to piss them off. I mean surely there can’t be that many idiots in charge of things right? Yeah well. My boss is an idiot...

Chapter 2 - Take this job...

Luke smiled as I handed him the signed contract, and signalled for the girl in the mint dress to come on over. He introduced us. Her name was Erica. She would help me tie up any loose ends I needed to in order to move myself into the flat above the café. I could live up there as technically I wouldn’t be leaving the café. That made it all easier...

Chapter 3 - Tying up loose ends

One down. A few to go. The job was done, sorted. Next up I had to get rid of my apartment. Thankfully it was not uncommon for people to meet Estate Agents in cafes. I picked up the phone. Held it for a moment. Put it back in its cradle. I knew no Estate Agents. I needed the Internet. Did the café even have it? Why the frack didn’t I check! 

Chapter 4 - Word gets arounds

By the time I stopped feeling sorry for myself it was getting dark outside.  Erica was getting ready for the dinner and bar crowd that surely would be showing up some time soon. I was ready for a drink myself. 

Chapter 5 - Settling in

My brother and Sarah had stayed until just after 8 o’clock. At which point Erica finished her shift, and Luke took up residence behind the bar. The traffic picked up around 9. Every booth was full. Others were chatting at smaller tables. I had to pinch myself to remind myself that I was actually here. 

Chapter 6 - A visit from the parentals

I awoke in the morning to find the fire had long since burned itself out and there was a chill in the air. Running my hand across my forehead I vaguely remembered the events of the night before but wrote it off as a bad, wine induced dream. 

Chapter 7 - Two nights down

My parents left some time after 2pm. I was left to my one devices for the moment as Erica served customers. Luke had also taken off. Things to do. He had dropped past to meet my parents and assist their transition, as he called it.

Chapter 8 - I'm definitely not a morning person

I woke in the morning in terrible pain. The adrenaline of the previous night had worn off.  Every cell of my body wanted to double over, but that only made the pain worse. There was definitely something wrong with my belly.

Chapter 9 - Everyone has a weakness

I slept late through the morning. Waking only when the pain killers wore off. Erica was checking in on me every hour or so. I wasn't worried. Just angry. And La Morte was going to pay. 

Chapter 10 - Why you little…

Well it turns out La Morte is really fucking stupid for a building. I had four weeks of blissful, undisturbed slumber and then last night the bitch broke the truce. I am now sitting here nursing a broken left hand. 

Chapter 11 - That's the way it's gonna be

Luke sat down across from me in my favourite booth. Erica had given as both a small glass of scotch and then made herself scare. Smart girl that Erica. Across from me Luke stared at the table top, gathering his thoughts ...

Chapter 12 – So long and good-bye

I was three months in to my spell at La Morte. Sleeping like a baby. No more hellish night visits from violent apparitions. La Morte was behaving herself wonderfully. I guess she didn’t count on my crazy outmatching her own. However today I woke with a different sense of dread.

Chapter 13 – It was almost never going to work anyway

When I came to, Erica and Luke were leaning over me. Apparently I had hit my head pretty bad. While I had been unconscious Luke had cleared the café, and so now it was just us three. I looked at Erica again, happy she was alive, but knowing that she had left La Morte too early....