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New words from an overactive imagination. 

Thoughtful Chapter 23

Lifting Cal up, they laid him gently on a makeshift bed and Hera got to work. Tearing away his shirt, she hissed involuntarily. His torso was a mess of small holes. Scatter gun. How she hated having to deal with those. This would be time consuming …

This is Radioactive

Now, 33 years later, Chernobyl is slowly becoming accessible again. One soul who dared to enter this still very dangerous place is the very talented P1xels, bringing back to us these amazing images from within the confines of this abandoned concrete wilderness ....

We Are the Weirdos Mister

When I was a kid, for my birthday or Halloween, or any occasion really where dressing in costume was called for I always wanted to be Morticia Addams. She was my idol. I loved her long black hair, her skin tight black dress with tentacles …

10 tips for creating great characters

For a character to be truly great you need to understand their motivations, their reactions, their place in the world, how they behave within this world, and also how that world responds around them. Here are my hints for creating an engaging character.


Where my words collide with the printed page you will find these!

Thirteen Bones

Thirteen Bones is a wild pirate adventure of self discovery taking place in the mysterious steampunk inspired realm of the Severed Seas. Battles, talking parrots, zombies, betrayal, first love, vampirates ... it has it all!

Cafe La Morte

Damian hates his boss, he's just found out he has an inoperable brain tumour and he's about to meet the Devil when all he wanted was coffee and a sandwich.

Set In Stone

Every monster has a story.

New Works Coming Soon

With a mind that never stops, it's no surprise there's always more to come!

No MAn's LAnd

When Jack Volta wakes to find himself in the middle of a Zombie breakout of apocalyptic proportions there's only one place to go.... No Man's Land. 

Arthur Kill

Space mercenary, sometime hero, full-time scoundrel and space sub-pilot at your service and just in time to save the Universe, whatever that is...

Scarlette Diemond

Leader of the Switchblade Sweethearts, Scarlette often finds herself on the other side of the law, but a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do to get by.