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Thoughtful - Chapter 8

Zed was known as a bit of a nutter by not only the other submarine Commanders who traversed the planet’s remaining waterways, but also by his own crew, which is why they liked him. Zed’s command attracted a specific type of person. Nihilistic. Damaged. Motivated by violence and self-destruction.


Thoughtful - Chapter 7

The first shot rocked the Anhinga, and sent shock-waves along the surface of the submarine, but the impact didn’t do any damage. A warning shot. Inside, Lady stumbled as she ran for the bridge, and the submarine lurched violently.


Thoughtful - Chapter 6

Persephone was slow on the stairs behind Lady, who was fending off questions from her crew as she made her way back up the stairs. They were naturally curious about the girl, and so Lady did her best to give them enough information to put their minds to rest, while also encouraging them to give Persephone some space until she was more up for meeting everyone...


Thoughtful - Chapter 5

Heading out of the galley and turning right along the hallway, they came to a set of square-curving stairs that led deep into the heart of Lady’s submarine. As they climbed down the stairs, the metal clunked loudly with each step, the sound reverberating off the surrounding metal walls...




Unable to look on any creature without turning them to stone, Medusa lives in isolation for hundreds of years. Then with the help of the God Horus, she finally finds a way out, but now she must use her power to stop the world from falling into eternal darkness.   


Cafe La Morte

Damian hates his boss, he's just found out he has an inoperable brain tumour and he's about to meet the Devil when all he wanted was coffee and a sandwich.


Thirteen Bones

Thirteen Bones has been described as being the exact opposite to a punch in the face. In fact it's downright enjoyable. 

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No Man's Land

Don't Panic! When Jack Volta wakes to find himself in the middle of a Zombie breakout of apocalyptic proportions there's only one place to go.... No Man's Land. 

Arthur Kill

Space mercenary, sometime hero, full-time scoundrel and space sub-pilot at your service and just in time to save the Universe, whatever that is...


Scarlette Diemond

Leader of the Switchblade Sweethearts, Scarlette often finds herself on the other side of the law, but a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do to get by.