Jo Jette is an author, editor, journalist, artist and online curator. Branded uncool at school for being ‘the smart kid’, Jo Jette retreated into the wonderful world of the written word to escape. Driven by an obsession with reading everything she could get her hands on, she first picked up a pen and started writing her own tall tales when she was about 9 years old. Somewhat ambitiously she began by creating choose-your-own-adventures. Hand-writing and illustrating them herself in little hand-made books of paper, stapled together.

Many years later, after failing Literature in high school (even though she wasn’t even enrolled in the class!) and following a few awkward career choices, which included studying Criminology and working for a Private Investigator, Jo Jette became the Editor of Desktop magazine, where she stayed until 2010. After leaving Desktop, Jo Jette joined the fabulous team at Wooden Toy Quarterly, a passion publication where she moonlighted as the magazine’s Editor until the publication’s hiatus in 2012. With the closure of Wooden Toy, Jo Jette founded her own digital magazine, Nothing to Nobody, a 76-page quarterly focusing on art, life and everything in between. The magazine ran for 12 issues over 3 years, but the companion blog continues to this day. Jo has also written for T-world Journal and Very Nearly Almost.

As much as she loves magazines however, Jo Jette’s true love has always been the telling of tall tales. Finally, in 2013 she worked up the courage to focus on writing her own stories, picking up a novel she had begun back in 2010.  Since then she has written and self-published 3 books – Thirteen Bones, Café La Morte and Stone – as well as writing and illustrating numerous short stories.

When she’s not smashing out fantastic books and short stories, Jo Jette loves reading or watching Sci-Fi (Doctor Who, Star Wars and anything by Douglas Adams are her favourites), rollerskating, practicing Krav Maga and hanging out with her husband, Josh and their cats - Frankenstein, Oswin & Arthur.