In a world once destroyed, science has become the scapegoat for all the mistakes of the past, and intelligence is looked on as a disease. Anyone who shows signs of cleverness is banished, sacrificed to the River Thames, and left to sink or swim in its cold waters. Yet beneath the River's surface, and throughout the world's waterways, a new war rages between the rejected. One that threatens to extinguish those lucky enough to survive so far, and consume all else.

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Chapter 1 - The Underworld

As all was chaos around her a tall, dark haired woman made her way down one of the sub’s main corridors towards the bridge and her command post, striding through the hive of activity that her ship had suddenly become.
‘What have you found?’ she asked casually, taking a seat in the tech laden but somehow Elizabethan looking Captain's chair ...


Chapter 2 - A Clever Girl

The girl stood against the concrete railing of the bridge and looked off into the night. The cool night air picked up her hair and blew it this way and that across her face. Tickling her cheeks and nose, but she didn't brush it away and instead stood straight and tall. Defiant. She didn’t want to look down either.


Chapter 3 - Waking Up

Arriving at a large metal door, which had the traditional oval shape associated with submarines, Lady pressed a panel on the wall next to it, and stared intently at the screen for a few moments. She could see the girl lying on the floor inside, soaking wet and unmoving.


Chapter 4 - Persephone

Propping herself up on her elbows, she was surprised to find herself alive. It took her a few second to process it all. The bed, the room, the sparse furniture. The last thing she remembered was passing out in the cold black water, a metal arm thing clamped around her waist, and now here she was in this strange room, seemingly OK


Chapter 5 - The Anhinga

Heading out of the galley and turning right along the hallway, they came to a set of square-curving stairs that led deep into the heart of Lady’s submarine. As they climbed down the stairs, the metal clunked loudly with each step, the sound reverberating off the surrounding metal walls...


Chapter 6 - The Last battle

Persephone was slow on the stairs behind Lady, who was fending off questions from her crew as she made her way back up the stairs. They were naturally curious about the girl, and so Lady did her best to give them enough information to put their minds to rest, while also encouraging them to give Persephone some space until she was more up for meeting everyone.


Chapter 7 - Here Comes Trouble

The first shot rocked the Anhinga, and sent shock-waves along the surface of the submarine, but the impact didn’t do any damage. A warning shot. Inside, Lady stumbled as she ran for the bridge, and the submarine lurched violently.


Chapter 8  - Not So Sweet

Zed was known as a bit of a nutter by not only the other submarine Commanders who traversed the planet’s remaining waterways, but also by his own crew, which is why they liked him. Zed’s command attracted a specific type of person. Nihilistic. Damaged. Motivated by violence and self-destruction.


Chapter 9 - Assessing the DAmage

As he swam on through the dark water, his team spread out in a line on either side of him as they searched the submarine together. Admittedly, they were finding the task slow going. Given the Anhinga’s current position, hidden within a trench close to an underwater cave system, their depth meant that they were in what could only be described as pitch black. 


Chapter 10 - Breach!

Lady caught up with Sagan just as he turned left into the isolation lab. Following him in she pulled the door closed behind her and fastened it. The room was designed to handle all types of explosives and other dangerous elements, while protecting the Anhinga. Though it could hardly be considered spacious, there was enough room to move freely. 


Chapter 11 - Bad Dreams

Opening her eyes, Persephone sat up in bed and looked around her. Sleep still clouding her mind as she smoothed down her blankets and sighed. She was back in her own room. In her parent’s apartment, in the city, safe and sound. No more tiny, metal room. No bookcase, obviously. No submarine.


Chapter 12 - What's the Damage?

Persephone made her way past the chaos of fallen crew members, not entirely sure where she was going. All she knew was that she needed to find Lady, and to see that she was OK. After the upheaval she had experience in the past few days, Lady was the only constant in her life and right now she didn’t want to lose that.


Chapter 13 - Set course for Royale 

Though the immediate crisis had been averted, and the gaping hole in the side of the Anhinga temporarily patched up, Lady would never leave such a scrap-job on the side of her sub. She wanted proper repairs, the time to do them in, and the right tools.


Chapter 14 - Round Two

The following days passed in uneasiness and paranoia. Lady still refused to openly share their destination with the rest of her crew, but it was obvious they were on course for somewhere, even if only out of the necessity of movement. The explosion that had rocked the submarine a few days earlier had left several of the crew injured …


Chapter 15 - We would have made it too

The next hour passed painfully as Lady and her crew tried to makes sense of their current situation. With the damage reports in, Lady now knew that a large section at the rear of the Anhinga was a shattered mess, and it was all the hydro-pumps could do to keep the water out while they set up a temporary pressure field. Beyond that Turing wasn’t sure what to do.