Miss Blimey
Thirteen Bones

Do you like Pirates? Adventure? Battles on the high seas? Ships with auto-pirate and talking parrots with a swearing problem? Then Miss Blimey Pirate Girl’s first full length story, Thirteen Bones is for you! In fact, it’s just the kind of book that Douglas Adams and Robert Louis Stevenson would write together after getting completely sloshed on rum in a pirate infested taverna, probably in the vicinity of the docks in Port Royal (before it sank of course). 

What’s inside?
A fierce battle rages between two pirate captains. In the midst of the fight a one-eyed girl is wounded and thrown overboard, but she survives. Rescued by the pirate Captain Miserablesod, the girl learns to sail and fight, and starts a new life with a new name – Miss Blimey.

Not everything goes to plan however, and before she can take her rightful place as second in command on Miserablesod ‘s ship she is betrayed and forced to walk the plank to her death. But Davy Jones’ locker is not ready for her, and she makes her way to the town of Worster where she comes into possession of a wondrous ship, The Raven. She also makes some unwelcome enemies in the form of the ships former owner, Headless Bessie and her fiancé Thadius Blackwatch.

Making a run for it aboard her new ship, she sets sail for calmer waters and meets Betty hates Veronica, an albino girl with a tortured past. Together with a wind-up clockwork parrot named Rawkous they live the life of pirates, until the mysterious Captain Farquar enters their lives and shares with them a story that will change their destiny forever.

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