Book One in the Grotesques series

"Every monster has a story to tell." 

Raped by the God Poseidon, and punished by the Goddess Athena, Medusa is transformed into a monster and banished to a small Island. With a serpentine body covered in scales, dragon wings and snakes for hair, she is cursed to turn anyone she looks on to stone. Exiled, she lives in the Hydra Caverns until the urge to seek a cure becomes stronger than her fear of the Gods. Travelling to Egypt she meets the God Horus, and with his help she finally escapes her monstrous form. However, he is unable to remove her ability to turn anything living to stone.

For nearly 2,000 years Medusa continues searching for a way to lift the final remnants of her curse without success. Finally accepting it, in the present day she has made a new life for herself as a famous sculptress. She also goes by a new name: Stone. Still, all is not well on Earth for this immortal. Two long forgotten Gods have returned to the Somatic realm and have taken a noxious interest in her life. Now Stone will need her powers to save the world from the dark fate they have planned for her, and the mortals she lives beside.