Set In Stone

Book One in the Grotesques series

"Every monster has a story." 

As the moon shines down pale and pure, evil has come to the temple of the Goddess Athena. Within its hallowed walls a young girl lies broken on the floor while the God who has defiled her flees the crime in triumph. As the tears cascade down Medusa’s face, Athena appears before her, full of wrath at the desecration of her sacred space. Blaming Medusa, as punishment she transforms her into a monster with a serpentine body and snakes for hair. She is also cursed to turn anyone she looks at to stone.

Exiled to the Hydra Caverns, Medusa lives with her two Gorgon sisters, water-dragon like creatures who both loathe and love her. For over 1,200 years she lives on the Island, staying there even after her sisters leave for the Primordial, a realm of energy where Gods and immortals alike can pass peacefully into memory and legend, retiring from their physical form. Warriors come to the Island, drawn by the bounty on Medusa’s head, but she survives their many of attempts on her life. Finally, after tricking Perseus into believing he has killed her, the men stop coming and she is left to live in peace.

Eventually the desire to lift her curse and live a normal life overwhelms Medusa, and she leaves the Island int he hope of finding a cure. Her search takes her to Egypt where she meets the God, Horus, who agrees to help free her.

Now in the 21st Century, Medusa is known as the famous sculptress Stone, but all is not well on Earth. Two of the old Gods have returned, and Medusa will need to use her powers to save this world from the dark fate they have planned.