Make your Mark

Yep it’s one of those Tuesdays that feels like a Monday because we had a long weekend. Damn you holidays!! Today I was reminded of how little things can just brighten your days immeasurably. This was inspired by a brief Star Wars discussion with a colleague (let’s face it, are my discussions usually about anything other than Star Wars or some other related nerd matter?), and I mentioned that Mark Hamill does the best autographs ever. Period. Apparently in a bid to stop the nasties ripping off his signature and stooging his fans with fakery, Mr Hamill began signing his name accompanied by messages showcasing his witty repartee. Here’s some examples of Mark’s good humour on some Star Wars trading cards, which are simply fantastic. You can imagine how many of these little cardboard babies he has had to sign over the years, but it just goes to show a good creative can always call on their powers to make a fan’s day. I tip my hat to you sir.

Jo Jette