The sounds of silence

Every now and you get access to something so cool, something so amazing and something so brilliant that it just smacks you in the face and says ‘yes I’m freakin’ awesome, deal with me!’. That’s how I felt this morning when I awoke to an internet nerdstorm of spatial proportions. So what is it this morning tide that has me all aflutter? OK, so NASA has just released some new sounds from space as recorded by Cassini as it passes through Saturn’s rings on its death-dive. And it’s not quite what they were expecting! As Cassini passes through the rings there’s an odd silence, where the Cassini team were expecting ... well more noise! But the coolest thing about this is it’s noise in space! And yes I know technically it’s dust particles and other space fluff hitting Cassini’s sound recording equipment, but that’s space dust and fluff! It really sent chills down my spine and I haven’t stopped smiling. It really is just so cool that we can hear that all the way back here on Earth. Anyway, have a listen for yourself, all the way from Saturn!