Sanctuary of stories

Ever since I was a little human I’ve wanted my very own library. With rich wooden shelves covered in every sort of book imaginable, those cool green library lamps in every corner, plush seating with a small coffee table to rest my drink on. Oh and of course what library would be complete without a ladder on wheels so you can reach the high shelves! Anyway. At some point I aim to have this pressed paper haven created. With a secret door, which is actually more shelving so that once you are in the room it looks like you are surrounded completely by books. Can you imagine how amazing the room would smell? All old paper, whisky and cigars? An open fire place (or at least a fake one) would cast a warming glow on the room, the atmosphere would be perfect for hunkering down and getting lost in the world of other people’s words. Or writing your own! This is my idea of heaven. Until I have my own sanctuary of stories however I have to make do with envying other people's libraries. Here are a few of my favourites. Literally I am drooling now. The keyboard is covered in drool. Gross. Anyway. Enjoy. 

Jo Jette