I'll get to it in a minute

A lot has been written by writers and for writers about procrastination, possibly because the authors of such things were procrastinating themselves. Procrastinating is like eating something you know you shouldn’t because you’re on a diet. You know what the end goal is, you know what you have to do to reach that goal, but damnit! Cake just tastes so amazing! Procrastinating is time consuming, and very, very naughty. I spend so much time procrastinating I often think it’s a wonder I get anything written at all. But then I also see the merit in it… if you can find an inspiring way to procrastinate that is. My favourite distraction is Pinterest. It’s a hive of ideas, and more often than not I’ll find something on there that will spark the creative vibe and get me off my proverbial arse.

I have also spent countless hours pouring over history books, physics books (even though I don’t get the maths), watching documentaries on space and the Monarchy through the ages (Game of Thrones eat you’re your f*cking heart out – who needs fantasy when you can find out about the original, amazing and almost unbelievable goings on of Royal lines throughout the centuries!). However, I find that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the absolute devil when it comes to pointlessly wasting time. You can fritter away so much time seeing what everyone else is up to that you forget that you have your own shit to do, and yes, you really should be getting on with it. These social mediums are like refined sugar for the brain, and I have been wondering more and more lately if they are in fact addictive. I’m sure someone somewhere has written something on the subject. I could go and look it up, but that would just be me procrastinating again… and there are so many more enjoyable things I could be wasting my time on. Now then, where was I? Oh yes… Zombies.

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