I get by with a little help

OK, so it’s Thursday. The day Arthur Dent never really could get the hang of, and let me tell you - I hear ya man! Anyway, so I’m working away in the pixel mines, minding my own business when I come across a trailer for a new film which actually intrigues me. Unfortunately of late I have been staring in disinterested beta wave bliss at a whole bunch of movies and just longing for one to inspire some kind of excitement in. Something that is not the same idea rehashed over for the millionth time, or born again simply with the lead roles replaced by someone of a different gender.

So there I was feeling thoroughly uninspired today. Then this gem popped out in front of me, and tickled my brain like a happy feather tied to a brick. Swiss Army Man is like Weekend at Bernie’s meets Cast Away … and I have no idea why I like it because it’s essentially one long, sensational fart joke of emotion, but wait …. hang on a second - yes I do! It’s original, it’s silly, it makes you giggle but at the same time it tugs at the heart strings and makes you smile in that scrunched up sad kind of way that that is usually associated with the sound awwwwwww. I’m looking forward to watching this, and fingers crossed it’s as good as the short!

Jo Jette