Timba Smits - Role Models

Hold on to your hats and stock up on bananas (a good source of potassium as any good Doctor Who fan would know) there's a new sheriff in town! My super talented amigo Timba Smits hits Melbourne this week with a fantabulous new solo show of epic goodness.

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Role Models - a solo exhibition celebrating movie culture with a series of fantastic portraits. Timba takes the celluloid images of his childhood and transforms them into exquisite corpses suffering from a colourful identity crisis. Expect to see film favourites such as Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Uma Thurman and, of course, Arnold Schwarzennegger.

So hold on to your socks friends - this is gonna be a live one!

Exhibition takes place from  18 May 2016 at Lamington Drive, 101A Sackville St, Collingwood, Australia.


Jo Jette