The Read Me Project kicks off

As a writer who has just self-published their first novel, I don’t want to be forcing my book down people’s throats via social media and blog posts ad-nauseam so I wanted to find a fun and creative way to share my book with the world and connect with my audience.

My first thought was, well wouldn't it be cool to just leave copies of my book around the city, tied up with string and with a little sign that said “Read Me” to encourage people to pick up and take home my book to read for free? It was also a bit of a cheeky nod to Alice in Wonderland.

I spent the weekend wrapping up copies of my book, and getting them ready to go. I couldn't wait to get these out into the world.

Then I thought, wouldn't it be great if others did this too? With their books or magazines, or 'zines? Or even if you had a book you’d read and didn't want any more – why not share it with someone else in a fun and engaging way?

The Read Me Project was born from this, and now here I am 6 days into it and the response has been fantastic. It’s a real hoot to see my books disappear from where I have left them and also to have people in the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter community messaging me to let me know they picked up a copy of my book or they just missed out on getting one but would love to buy a copy.

I'm sincerely hoping more people join this initiative and have fun with books.

Here’s looking at you finding a book #thereadmeproject
Jo Jette

Jo Jette