Get carried away

Well, those crazy created folks over at my favourite Etsy store, KruKru Studio, have really outdone themselves this time! Masters of leather and felt work they turn these raw materials into amazing bags with a wonderfully nerdy vibe. From R2D2 to the Yellow Submarine, Bananas to the TARDIS their bags are amazing, and now they're sewing up a storm with these brilliant book bags - and I mean book! Just look at these beauties! The best part is that they can make any book, by any Author, all you have to do is message them and tell them what you want and for under (in most cases) $250 AUD + shipping you could be strolling around with your favourite Author forever at your side. I already own one of the shop's TARDIS bags and I can tell you they are very well made and you can see the care and love that goes into making each bag.

Jo Jette