Journey to the centre of the page

Every so often on this amazing blue marble of a planet a writer emerges whose genius withstands the test of time, and their work passes into history and popular culture in a must-read-or-fail-at-life kind of way. When this fantastic and rare thing happens, your beloved works will not only continue to line bookshelves throughout history, but the wonderful paper castles that your words are housed within will live to reflect the times they are re-printed in. Thinking out loud, I honestly don't know one person (well that I am aware of) who does not appreciate delicious book cover design. I mean after all usually they are the hook that lures you in, forcing you to flop your hard-earned dollars out on the book store counter, where they rustle in the wind from your empty wallet like a lonely silver fish who knows that, really, there are other things in life he probably should have been doing before he chanced upon that hook in the first place. However now he is uncontrollably locked into this purchase like the Millennium Falcon in the tractor beam of the Death Star. 

Today I was thinking about Jules Verne and how his brilliant works of science fiction and imagination have been to be housed within some of the most wonderful book cover designs to be created. Whether his text resides inside the gold leafed ornate designs of the 1900s to the more modern, clean and minimalist look of the here and now.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be looking at the cover designs for a few more Author’s for inspiration, and perhaps a little motivation to get off my arse and keep the keys clacking. 


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