Genelab is out there!

NASA Genelab is on a mission with a simple premise – conducting biological experiments in space. How they do it – well that’s the not so simple part, but it is damn cool. I spent some time this morning checking out the new Genelab website, and without even having to delve too deep I stumbled across some really neat stuff.

Did you know that the bacteria that transmit disease become more powerful in Space or that injuries take longer to heal? Well Genelab is trying to tackle these issues, and their in-Space experiments  may one day lead to new medicines, cures and also help our intrepid space adventurers  withstand the challenges that long duration spaceflight presents. They are also looking at how plants react and grow in space (which is pretty handy if we Regular Joe’s do one day expect to live out there as films and books have been promising us for the past 60+ years, I mean people got to eat!).

Genelab is also open to suggestions from us average non-space type folks as to what experiments they should be doing out there and so if you have something in mind, drop them a line – you never know, the next amazing medical breakthrough could come from something you suggested they look at!