You like me because I'm a scoundrel

Today I read the terrible news about Harrison Ford crashing his plane - I immediately went into deep denial, and wouldn't let anyone in the office say he was in trouble - but apparently he’s OK!  Phew! Of course my immediate reaction was to go looking for pictures of Harrison Ford online as really he is one actor who has been such a huge part of my life. Crazy isn't it? Yes, I know that I don’t know him personally, and it shouldn’t matter because he is just one person in a sea of humanity, but damn it I was worried about the man!

From his epic characterisation of Han Solo in Star Wars to the adorable Jack Trainer in Working Girl, from Blade Runner to Indiana Jones, and more recently his return to the new, and now thankfully Lucas-free, Star Wars films  - Harrison Ford is one childhood crush I just never grew out of. Just look at the smile! He’s a damn handsome scoundrel, a 72 year-old scoundrel yes, but still a scoundrel.