I am the Sea

I don’t know how I became obsessed with the Sea, or pirates, or sailors, or ships to be honest with you. I don’t even really like to swim at the beach, but the sound of the waves crashing against a sandy shore or a weather-beaten pier is magical. The idea of escaping to the Sea and just sailing away on a tall-ship haunts my dreams. This is what drew me to the art of Derek Nobbs. I adore his work, it is everything I love about the ocean and scary tales of curses and adventures all rolled into one. In fact if you sail yourself on over here you’ll find my latest short story, The Idol's Curse, which was inspired by one of Derek’s most recent paintings.

Derek mainly paints on a lovely heavyweight hot-press paper, which gives it the appearance of parchment. He then ages the look of the paper with various liquids from coffee and tea to whiskey and tears. His paintings capture the essence of the salty sea dog or the ship-proud admiral, not to mention all the strange and wonderful creatures of the deep. Hoist a sail and visit his Facebook page to see more of his amazing work.