The Read Me Project

Founded by Jo Jette in early 2016 as a way to share her love of literature with the world, the Read Me Project is a creative way to share your own love of books with those around you. Download the media kit

Simply follow these steps to join this wonderful initiative:

1. If you have a printed book you want to share - be it your own or just your favourite book - wrap it in a waterproof covering. I find plastic sleeves stuck down with a bit of sticky tape work the best.

2. Tie a nice ribbon around your book so it looks like a present.

3. Include a hang tag that says 'READ ME' on one side and has your @ and website details on the back and the hashtag #thereadmeproject

4. Tie the hang tag to your protected book so that people will know they can take the books.

5. Leave your books in various locations around your home town, or any other city and town you might travel to.

6. Post a picture of the book along with directions to its location and the hashtag #thereadmeproject on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you want and tell your friends and followers to go find it! 

7. Share your book locations with me and I'll post them on The Read Me Project website

BAM! It's that easy!

Keep an eye on The Read Me Project tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see where you can find them.