Organic Collision Deformation


Miss Blimey stepped away from the helm of the gorgeous and ornate Pirate ship she was currently steering through the calm and misty seas. The ship itself was made of the darkest mahogany, stained almost black. Years of sailing meant that it was a little worse for wear in places, but she was still a beauty. A giant black bird, carved from the same dark wood, jutted out from the front of the ship, it’s menacing form following the bow’s upward curve. Its mouth hung open in an angry red scream, screeching into the wind as it cut a clean path through the waves, while its wings furled down the sides of the ship and above it the ship’s blood red sails billowed angrily in the uneven breeze.

The ships speed was a steady 20 bows (girls don’t sail in knots, they sail in bows, remember that) and for the moment not another ship could be seen on the horizon. Miss Blimey called to her first-mate, Betty hates Veronica and asked her to check again to make sure they were in fact alone on the calm blue ocean. Betty Hates Veronica took the telescope and made a sweeping circle of the ship. This took time as it was quite a large and beautiful ship, as I said. Suddenly out of nowhere the cloudless sky was filled with cumulus and something began to make its way with haste across the sea towards Miss Blimey’s ship, the Raven.

‘Bastards! They’re after my ship!’ yelled Miss Blimey but her curse was lost in the winds, which were starting to rock the Raven from side to side alarmingly. 

Miss Blimey grabbed the helm roughly and wrestled control of the Raven back from the rolling waves. Betty hates Veronica ran to the canons and within moments had them all set to stun (it was a modern ship after all, lasers, stun guns, the works).  

‘Fire!’ yelled Miss Blimey.

Betty hates Veronica took quick aim and sent a bolt of stun power towards this threat that had come from nowhere.  Within seconds the threat was gone. 

‘Haha!’ shouted Miss Blimey in triumph, ‘Organic collision deformation!’

‘Yes!’ agreed Betty hates Veronica and got out the Wild Turkey to celebrate their victory.

The End.