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The Pirate’s Code was the contract that all Captain’s and crews sailed under. It laid out their expected loyalty, responsibilities and behaviour, as well as what they could expect to happen if some scoundrel broke the rules. The Code also included a guide around compensation for lost limbs and injury in the line of duty. Pirate crews were democratic by nature and all who sailed under the colours (flag) had a say in the running of the ship.

Miss Blimey’s Pirate’s Code

1. All pirates to have fair say, by vote, in affairs of the moment.

2. All pirates to have equal right to any fresh or preserved provisions, drink and other plunder discovered or seized during the course of actions.

3. Any pirate who defrauds the company shall be marooned for their punishment.

4. All crew to keep their cutlass, pistols and pieces clean and fit for service.

5. To desert the ship or show cowardice during battle is punishable by death or marooning.

6. If no onboard quarrel can be reconciled then the parties will meet on shore with sword and pistol. No pirate shall be suffered to strike another mate on sea or ship.

7. No pirate is to gamble for money or jewels on sea or ship.

8. No pirate is to bully or incite to conflict without cause any other man, woman or child, lest ye suffer death or marooning.

9. All prisoners, captives and guests are to be treated with respect as their countenance due affords, with their virtue preserved, lest ye suffer death or marooning

10. If during the course of action a pirate loose a joint then they shall be paid compensation in the amount of 400 Pieces of Eight. If a limb be lost, 800 Pieces of Eight be paid.

11. If a pirate shall elope from the ship, or keep a seceret from it’s crew then they shall be marooned with these articles: one bottle of water, cutlass or dagger, one pistol, powder and one shot.

12. No pirate shall disobey their Captain lest they suffer the lash or be marooned at the Captain’s pleasure.

13. All pirates will adhere to the Pirates Code of Engagement be they on ship, sea or land.