The Tattooist of Auschwitz


Author: Heather Morris

Heather Morris re-tells the story of Lale Sokolov, a man who escapes certain death in the Nazi Concentration Camp, Auschwitz, by agreeing to become the Nazi’s Tattooist. A privileged position that requires him to tattoo everyone who is brought into the camp with the infamous numbers by which they will then be known. Morris recounts this horrifying period of Lale’s life with an open tenderness, interspersed with the hard facts that can only come from relating the true story of life under Nazi rule for the Jewish people, Gypsies, Polish political prisoners and other minorities. A fine balance to strike as you can well imagine. Yet even amidst the absolute terror experienced inside this Nazi Concentration Camp on a daily basis, Lale manages to find love and form a relationship with the woman who will one day become his wife. This is a wonderful story of finding hope in a hopeless world, and doing whatever you can to hang on to it.

Read this if you like: true stories, love stories, overcoming terrible odds, survival, Word War II history, Auschwitz, tattooer, heather morris, lale sokolov

Rated: 4.5 scoops out of a possible 5 flavours.