Spaceballs: The book

Photo by  Josh Feggans

Photo by Josh Feggans

Author: R.L Stine

I love the movie Spaceballs. It’s a wonderful Star Wars parody, and Mel Brooks totally nailed it. When I came across my copy of this paperback, I didn’t even know that a book of the film existed. In hindsight though, really I should have expected it given it came out at a time where every movie had a book even when the movie came first. The book is pretty much the film right, but it’s still a riot read! I highly recommend getting a copy if you can find it – perhaps try eBay. I came across my copy in an Op-shop. May the Schwartz be with you, Mr Coffee.

Read this is you like: Spaceballs, space adventures, Star Wars, Mel Brooks, if you can find it.

Rated: 3 scoops out of a possible 5 flavours.