In a world once destroyed, science has become the scapegoat for all the mistakes of the past, and intelligence is looked on as a disease. Anyone who shows signs of cleverness is banished, sacrificed to the River Thames, and left to sink or swim in its cold waters. Yet beneath the River's surface, and throughout the world's waterways, a new war rages between the rejected. One that threatens to extinguish those lucky enough to survive so far, and consume all else.


Chapter One

As all was chaos around her a tall, dark haired woman made her way down one of the sub’s main corridors towards the bridge and her command post, striding through the hive of activity that her ship had suddenly become.
‘What have you found?’ she asked casually, taking a seat in the tech laden but somehow Elizabethan looking Captain's chair ...


Chapter Two

The girl stood against the concrete railing of the bridge and looked off into the night. The cool night air picked up her hair and blew it this way and that across her face. Tickling her cheeks and nose, but she didn't brush it away and instead stood straight and tall. Defiant. She didn’t want to look down either.


Chapter Three

Arriving at a large metal door, which had the traditional oval shape associated with submarines, Lady pressed a panel on the wall next to it, and stared intently at the screen for a few moments. She could see the girl lying on the floor inside, soaking wet and unmoving.