Thirteen Bones media kit

As a writer, you become accustomed to her face.... hang on - that's My Fair Lady... I'll start again.

As a writer of fiction you become accustomed to creating characters, with complicated back-stories (whether they make it into a story or not - believe me, we create them), who live in amazing worlds or brilliantly mundane ones that we make up. Characters who live wonderful or terrible or boring or fantastic lives - and we create those for them them too. Sometimes the words fly onto the page in an ecstasy of cleverness... and sometimes you have to tear them from your brain a word at a time like chipping away at the folds with a blunt fork leaving you in a terrifying state of self doubt. However as horrifying as that is, nothing compares to the fear that grips a writer when they have to write about themselves - or worse their own work! 

And with that admission of cowardice out of the way I present you with the Thirteen Bones media kit in case you should have need of it.

Download the Thirteen Bones media kit