My Friend Misery

Misery was born to save her parents marriage. It's such a pity they simply hated each other too much, and divorced soon after she was born. She didn't mind so long as she had her imaginary friends to keep her company. That is until her mother made them disappear. Her mother was nasty that way. They're back now though, and Misery is all grown up. Her friends have grown up too, but now they've caught the eye of some not so nice folks who want to use them for their own evil plans. It's up to Misery to get them to safety, but can she?


Chapter 1 - In the beginning

Misery was born at 2pm in the afternoon, on a bright sunny day in October. In fact it was Halloween. While the streets outside were filled with pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and monsters of all sorts she was making her big entrance into the world. 


Chapter 2 - I name this child

They named the child Misery. They may have hated each other but they both agreed upon the name with a sigh. Two days later Jane brought Misery home from the hospital and filed for divorce. Kevin moved out of the house and rarely visited his daughter.