Jo Jette is an author, editor, journalist, designer and artist. Driven by an obsession with reading everything she could get her hands on she first picked up a pen and started writing tall tales when she was about 9 years old. Somewhat ambitiously she began by creating her own choose-your-own-adventures.

Years later, and after a few false starts in her career that included undertaking a Criminology degree (which she assures us is more exciting than it sounds!), Jo became the Editor of Desktop magazine in 2006, but left in 2010 to begin working for various creative agencies. Despite spending long hours in the pixel mines building websites and producing media campaigns, Jo was hooked on words and just kept writing.  Bad poetry, short stories and numerous unfinished novels. It poured out in waves.

After leaving Desktop, Jo became the editor of passion publication Wooden Toy Quarterly. Following the magazine’s closure in 2012, she focused on her own digital-only publication, Nothing to Nobody – an art, life and everything 76-page digital magazine and companion blog. The magazine ran for 12 issues over 3 years and the blog continues to this day. Jo has also written for T-world Journal and Very Nearly Almost.

As much as she loves magazines however, Jo has always wanted to be a world famous Author and so in 2013 she decided to focus on her own writing career. She picked up a novel she had begun working on back in 2010, deleted half of it and then got typing. The book, Thirteen Bones, features a character straight out of characterville - Miss Blimey - one of Jo’s longstanding short story staples, who first came to life in 2006 through a series of bite-size adventures. Five years of word-smithing later and her first novel, Thirteen Bones, was born. Jo published the damn thing in October 2015.